Build my FN500


Build my FN500

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This product is our High-end cockpit.

The FN500 is solid enough to accommodate any type of current belt-driven AND direct drive wheelbase.

Even the strongest wheel will let you grounded for more stability.

The extruded aluminum will let you adjust your cockpit in multiple positions to make sure you are comfortable.

Your pedals will be fully adjustable in height, angle, and position depending on your comfort.

This sort of adjustment is also available for your wheelbase.

(see below for compatibility)


Base: 4-1/2″ x 1″-1/2

Side mounts: 4-1/2″ x 1″-1/2

Base size: 50″ x 22″

Pedal plate: 3/16

Wheel mount: 3/8

Choose your frame color:
Choose your seat material
Monitor Stand
Choose your monitor stand and its color
Keyborad mount
Choose your keyboard mount color

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Wheel mount:

  • All current FANATEC
  • All current Thrustmaster
  • All current Logitech
  • All current Simucube
  • All Current Accuforce

Pedal Mount:

  • All current FANATEC
  • All current Thrustmaster
  • All current Logitech
  • All Heusinkveld
  • More

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Warranty information:

Every frame comes with a standard 3-year warranty.

You can add 1 or 3 extra years.

Warranty includes the frame, hardware, pedal plate, and steering mounting plate. (seat is excluded).

We are not responsible for any scratches or cosmetic imperfections that can occur during the time of ownership.


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